For the month of December, Campbellsport Elementary School focused on being creative. One of the activities we did was a virtual Ugly Sweater contest between all the classrooms. We thought we would share our Ugly Sweaters with you. As the background for the video we hope you enjoy our AM 4K students singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," during their virtual concert that was held for parents today. Please click on the link to enjoy our wishes for you:
5 months ago, Shanda Cerny
Campbellsport Elementary staff and students would like to take this opportunity to thank all Veterans for all you do and continue to do for our country. Please click on the following link to watch our Virtual program that we held this morning as a school to honor all those who have served and continue to serve our country. Thank you to our 5th grade students and teachers for preparing for this special program and Thank you Veterans!
6 months ago, Shanda Cerny
Veterans Day Program at Campbellsport Elementary School
Hello Everyone, We have exciting news! The Campbellsport High School Booster Club "Cougar Dash Run/Walk" has been rescheduled to July 25th at 8:00 AM and will be starting at the same place, Campbellsport Fireman's Park. We are so excited that we are able to provide this race to all of you! Lace up those running shoes and start training so that you can be part of this awesome event! You can register at: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, participants, and spectators. Chip timing will also allow us to spread runners out at the start of the race. Further details will be provided on the website. We look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, CBC Cougar Dash Committee
11 months ago, Todd Hencsik
Traditionally the staff and teachers wave to students as they leave on the last day of school. Since we couldn’t do that this year we brought the waves to you. Please click on the link to see our Goodbye Waves!
11 months ago, Shanda Cerny
Campbellsport Parents May 8, 2020 After more than thirty days of the mandated closure there are less than twenty remaining days to the ‘end of the school year’. There have been many bumps for you as parents and the teaching staff in this unique situation. Teachers are phasing down assignments and shifting to a more review directed approach. We are having discussions defining what are the expectations in a Pass/Fail system shift. Continue to encourage and support, as you have been, your student(s) in completing their assignments. Virtual, email, text communication and the Exchange Center are still the main communication pathways we have. Several additional points of particular interest to many of you. First, with the current ‘Badger Bounce Back’ program and State’s Order in place, there can be no school promoted or approved gatherings such as grade promotions, concerts, practices, recognition parades or graduation ceremonies. Regarding scheduling, we will be setting a date for graduation when more definition is given to us by the Health Department. Second, each building is arranging for a safe manner to return the contents of your students desks/cubbies/lockers to them. Be aware that no one should be in any of the buildings except the Exchange Centers, and there should be no personal contact. Watch for communication from each building’s team. Third, the dates for returning chromebooks (other school tech) and textbooks have been set during the first week in June. The Technology Crew will be at EES on June 3rd from 10:30am - 1:00pm and at CES on June 4th from 10:30am - 2:30pm to check in District Chromebooks. Then on June 5th from 10:00 am - 3:00pm they will be at the Middle-High School. During this time you may also check in any textbooks or library books you may have. All of these will be located near that building’s Exchange Center. If you are unable to make any of those times, you may check in your items on June 9th from 12 (noon) - 6:00pm at the MS-HS building. This has been a unique and hopefully singular incident in this country. We understand that the education delivered during these approximately fifty days has been different. We are continually assessing the choices we are making with the information we had or now have. Finally, we all hope to return to a more normal school year in the fall. Although there will be certain adjustments, we can not wait to see the bright faces and minds of our students again.
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Mrs. Cerny, Mrs. Kaiser, and CES families created this video to honor our teachers. We are fortunate to have such an amazing team. Please join us in honoring the special work that they do every day.
about 1 year ago, Shanda Cerny
Campbellsport Parents: April 17, 2020 As you have heard, Governor Evers has issued an executive order closing schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year. We are saddened that our classrooms and hallways will continue to remain empty as we deeply miss all of our students. Educational expectations continue from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Public Instruction for public school districts. Students need to continue to complete school work as assigned by their teacher(s) through the end of the scheduled school year. Besides virtual delivery systems, the ‘Exchange Centers’ continue to be a means of assignment handling per your needs and the individual teacher direction. These spaces besides having new air purifiers are cleaned and sanitized twice a week. The administrative staff had begun planning for the possibility that classes may not meet again this school year. We have started discussions on grading implications, declaring an ending date for “classes”, how student lockers/desks will be processed, the credit impact for high school students, return of Chromebooks checked out and the list goes on. Events like graduation, prom, spring concerts, grade promotions and other celebrations hit everyone as great losses and we will do our best to recognize them at another time or in other ways. Your student’s principal will be in contact with you as they develop plans for these. We understand the significant impact this has on your family, and want you to know that we are here to support and encourage. Together, we must keep your students learning through this education situation whether offsite/virtually. We know families may need additional support at this time; please remember that our school counselors are available. The best manner to connect with them is directly at their email address or through your student’s principal. We will continue to provide a free lunch and breakfast to any student age 18 and under on school days. Hours for pick-up will continue to be between 11am - 1pm at the three school locations. If you did not have the chance to sign up and would like to be added to the list for the Grab and Go Breakfast/Lunch Program please use the following links: For Students attending Campbellsport Public Schools: For Private/Homeschooled Students residing in the Campbellsport School District Please watch for other communications from your student’s teachers, principal and myself. We will release information related to this situation as processes are developed. Sincerely, Paul A. Amundson, District Administrator
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
April 3, 2020 Dear Campbellsport School District The safety of our students and staff is always our number one priority. We are taking extra steps to ensure their safety after learning today that a second employee tested positive for COVID-19. Like our first confirmed case, this second employee also was feeling ill, got tested, self-quarantined at home and finished that quarantine period before the positive test result came back. Both have recovered. The first employee fell ill on March 13, went home early and has not been back since. This person now has a physician authorization to return to work but is working from home for an additional two weeks as an extra precaution. Students have not been in our schools since March 16. The second employee developed symptoms on March 18 and has not been in school since that day. Once cleared, that employee also will not return for two weeks, per District policy. We are aware of no other employee who has been tested or is awaiting test results. While we can not legally release the identity of our employees, we can tell you that the Fond du Lac County Health Department investigated the first confirmed case and notified all CSD staff members and families who may have had contact with that employee in the 48 hours prior to developing symptoms. The Health Department is now investigating today’s confirmed test result and will contact anyone who had contact with that employee. We are increasing our sanitization and cleaning procedures at all of our schools to protect our staff and families. That cleaning includes new processes to sanitize our homework drop-off and packet pick-up for those families who are unable to connect at home with digital learning. We are continuing a high level of cleaning practices as recommended by the CDC in areas where families stop to pick up meals or homework. About 150 families a day are picking up meals at our school sites, and we are delivering via school vans meals to about another 150 families. Most of our staff has been working from home and next week we will further reduce the number of staff in our school buildings. We are urging staff to monitor their health and if they feel ill, to stay home. Our schools will remain closed until at least April 24 under the state’s Safer at Home order to help contain the spread of coronavirus and save lives. That date likely will be extended. We know this may be concerning to hear about confirmed cases, but we believe we are doing all we can at the school district level to help contain the community spread of this virus. Please be well, wash your hands and thanks for supporting our children in their learning at home. Paul A. Amundson District Administrator
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Campbellsport Parents: April 2, 2020 We are entering the third week of the closure of Campbellsport Schools as are all schools in Wisconsin. Although the initial Executive Order from Governor Evers mentioned April 6 as a potential ending date, his Safer at Home order extended the school closures until ‘April 24th or until a superseding order is issued.’ So the Campbellsport Schools will remain closed. We will continue to prepare bag lunches and breakfasts for any student enrolled in Campbellsport District schools and education opportunities through virtual or traditional means as we have been doing. Next week was scheduled as a short week (Mon - Wed) on the original school calendar but we are using it as ‘ease back’ days from the regular flow of student work. This seam will also be used as a period of reassessing by staff of the procedures we have been using throughout the District during this long-term crisis. Please Continue to Be Safe and Take Care, Paul A. Amundson District Administrator
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Dear Campbellsport Parents: This letter is to inform you that an employee of the Campbellsport School District has tested positive for COVID -19 . This information was made available to me today. The infected employee showed symptoms of illness just before the decision to close schools and has been home and away from all District school buildings since March 13, 2020. As of today, the employee has been medically cleared to return to work and has past the recommended timeframe for isolation. The reality is this viral infection is spreading and will continue to spread, and we each must individually and collectively adjust our routines to minimize its effect. Due to the potential spread of COVID-19 the Wisconsin Department of Health Services authorized closing public schools and public gatherings. What is COVID-19? Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. People with confirmed infections have a range of symptoms, from little to no symptoms to people being severely sick and dying. Symptoms may include fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, fatigue, body and muscle aches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Not everyone with COVID-19 has all of these symptoms. For many, symptoms are mild, with no fever. It is important to know that you can still spread (transmit) the virus to others even if you have mild or no symptoms. Respectfully, Paul A. Amundson District Administrator
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Campbellsport Parents: The number one priority of the District remains to provide a safe learning experience for all students equitably as possible. Please remain vigilant for your family’s safety as is always the case, you have the final call not to follow a process or direction if you feel it is unsafe. The reality is there is no completely ‘clean’ way to exist but only ways to minimize exposure. Be safe and stay healthy!!! Exchange Areas Each building has an Exchange Area where curriculum materials can be passed without actual face to face meeting. Teachers are weekly if not more frequently ‘refreshing’ the student folders and receiving turned in assignments. Eden’s is located in the Gym Lobby, CES’s in the front lobby area, and the MS-HS’s in the front office by the flag poles. This is for students/families who do not have the ability to virtually connect. Building Offices In order to protect the District’s office staff, all our offices, though staffed, are closed to in person communication. You are recommended to call or email the building principal and office staff at the current time with any questions or concerns. Emailing would be the preferred means for many as schedules and responsibilities are varied. Technology Check-Out The check out of District owned devices (chromebooks) has changed. Parents and students must be present to sign the permission slips. The check-out for HS students is near the HS entrance area, Monday 3/23 from 8am-1pm. MS students can get devices if needed on Tuesday from 8am-1pm near the school entrance. On Wednesday from 8am-1pm either MS or HS students may get their devices. Next week March 30 & 31 at 8am-1pm, we hope to check out at each elementary school a device to 5th and 4th graders who need them. We ask since we do not have devices for every student that each household checks out only one device. The lower grade curriculum should basically be of the non-virtual type and not require a device. Grab n Go Lunch Program: The program for lunches for any student enrolled in the Campbellsport Schools begins on Monday the 23rd. If you have not signed up there was a survey sent out on Monday the 16th where you still can answer some basic questions. Call the District Office on Monday if you would like more information.
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
DEAR CAMPBELLSPORT PARENTS: Well the journey has begun. With Governor Ever’s announcement last Friday we at school have been fashioning some semblance of learning for your students. Our implementation is continuing to unfold. We are systematically progressing components in our plan to service the students. There are several large obstacles that we are attempting to address as best we can. Safety of the students, staff and community as a whole has been and continues to be the primary focus of the District. Following are some protocols and processes being rolled out over the next several weeks. Technology Pick-up: Several issues present themselves in this area as a District. Briefly those hurdles are internet access throughout the District and the number of mobile devices for student use. Therefore many students do not have internet capabilities in their home nor does the District have enough laptops and/or chrome books for every student to have a device at home, yet. What does this mean? Technology will be distributed to students who need a device in the following manner. On Monday, March 23 thru Wednesday, March 25 from 8am to 1pm at the MS-HS Office entrance students and parents BOTH must be present to sign and get a device. The following week Monday, March 30 to Wednesday, April 1 the same will apply to the MS students. Both student and parent need to sign the release and from 8am to 1pm at the MS-HS Office entrance. Exchange Centers: At each school there will be an Exchange Center where assignments can be picked up and dropped off per each teacher/student need. These will be open from 6am to 8pm 7 days a week. In each will be files related to your students class or individually dependent on their grade level. There will be no assistance directly at these centers so if you have any issues contact the building principal or teacher. The locations are in the Gym Lobby at Eden (EES), the main lobby at CES and the main office entrance at MS-HS. The assignment folders will be refreshed every Friday by 4:00pm Grab-n-Go Lunches: A Federal program is allowing us to prepare a lunch for any student enrolled in our District to receive a ‘breakfast and bag lunch’. You must notify us via a survey that you received earlier this week as to whether you would like to pick it up or have it delivered to your residence. This will occur from 11am - 1pm at CES, EES or the main office side of MS-HS. Note this location is the same as the Exchange Center described above. The home option will be a drop off delivery where your ‘bag lunch’ will be placed near your door with no contact with the employee. All of these are subject to adjustment as issues arise and are addressed. We as a District wish you and your family plus the whole community the best as we travel along this path given us. Sincerely, Paul A. Amundson District Administrator
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Good Morning, Here is how we intend to deal with student Chromebook/laptop usage moving forward. Monday, March 23rd, we will have Chromebooks available for checkout for High School students Only. The checkout will require both a student AND parent signature. No exceptions. Once the High School student device requests are taken care of, we will move on to Middle School students, and then on to Elementary students as device supplies allow. An announcement will be sent out later this week to let parents and students know how the process will work. If you have any questions, please let me know at Thanks, Sherman Gengler Director of Instructional Technology Campbellsport School District 920.533.4811 x1259
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Update: There will be no school for students starting Tuesday, March 17 through April 6th. Teachers will be providing instructions to students today on the logistics and emailing information for absent students as well. We will continue to update you as the process unfolds.
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Dear Campbellsport School District Families, The purpose of this communication is to update you again about our District’s continued responses to the pandemic COVID-19 situation. Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services have issued a statement ( requiring the closure of all public and private schools in Wisconsin. The Campbellsport School District will have school on Monday, March 16th and Tuesday, March 17th. Starting Wednesday, March 18th, there will be no face-to-face instruction through Monday, April 6th, at which time we will be following particular recommendations. Please remember that “It takes a village to raise a child”. It will take the efforts of both the schools and our families to continue working together to meet the needs of educating and supporting your child during this temporary school closure. The teaching staff and schools will be preparing for the specific logistics on how this process will work. We ask for your patience as this process unfolds. More information will come out as we develop procedures and as we collect more information that needs to be shared. This is a work in progress. For now, what can you do? Start planning how you will have supervision of your children. Next, do some spring cleaning to set up a student work station. This space should be comfortable, well lighted (natural if possible), and have the resources to work for longer periods of time. A comfortable couch or lounge chair may not be the best option. Start planning for how you or your family members can work together with the tasks that your child will be asked to complete. Is there a sibling who can help, a neighbor, grandparent, etc. who is available to offer guidance and maintain a schedule? Think about creating a schedule that builds in breaks and times to recreate. Learning can best take place in an orderly, structured environment. In the efforts to move forward we will need some information from you. Please fill out the following form that will help us meet our needs by Monday, March 16th at 7:00 a.m. We will continue to communicate helpful updates as they become available and look forward to continuing our partnership with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or 920-533-8381. Sincerely, Paul A. Amundson District Administrator
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
Please see the letters from our District Administrator on Covid-19.
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Covid-19 letter
Covid-19 Letter (Spanish)
Following up, buses will pick up students starting at 10 am. Thank you!
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
All Campbellsport Public Schools will close early at 10 am due to facility issues at CES. All after-school and evening events are still on as scheduled. CES parents: If you cannot pick up your child at 10 am, you can pick them up at CHS in the cafeteria.
about 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
New teacher breakfast at Eden Cafe
over 1 year ago, Todd Hencsik
New teachers breakfast at Eden Cafe
Here is the June Booster Club Newsletter.
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