Parent Information Food Service

All breakfasts @ lunches include milk and are FREE to all K-12 students.

Students should know their 4 digit PIN # in order to get a breakfast, lunch and/or Ala Carte.

If a student only wants milk, that milk will cost $ .30, and may be purchased through Ala Carte.

As in the past, students are offreed 5 menu items, and MUST take 3 of the 5, in order to qualify for a reimbursable lunch.

According to the Department of Public Instructions' rules, if a student does not have at least 3 items, he/she will be asked to select an additional item.

Ala Carte:
Ala Carte is NOT free for any students

There must be money in those student lunch accounts who wish to purchase anything from Ala Carte.

Key Reminders:

- Remind your child(ren) to know PIN #s
- All meals are Free to K-12 (milk included)
- Milk only, will cost $ .30
- Ala Carte is NOT free; moneyh must be in student's account, in order to participate in Ala Carte

Questions? Please contact Cheryl Hintz at, or call (920) 533-1283

Thank you!