Our department coordinates what is taught (subjects, courses, and remedial programs), guides the selection of the materials used for the learning (textbooks, technology and apparatus), and organized the analysis of student performance data (projects, assessments, and standardized tests). Our district supports student learning with our Title 1 Reading Program, leveled literacy intervention, and Read 180. Other areas of responsibility include coordinating services for struggling learners, gifted and talented students, and English language learners. Integrating technology with learning is another significant focus.

In working to achieve our district's vision statement, teachers and administrators are developing rigorous and relevant curriculum for our students. We are collaborating to use classroom work, computer-based tests and other assessment data to better understand student learning. Our educators at all levels constantly seek and learn about powerful instructional methods that will help all students reach their potential.

Our district believes in a strong partnership between family and school. We value parent perspectives and encourage family participation in the learning process. For more information about the goals or benchmarks for each grade level or subject area, please take a look at our Campbellsport School District Benchmarks.

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