special education

The School District of Campbellsport provides services for students who are identified with a disability. Students who are suspected of having a disability are referred for an evaluation to determine if they have a special need in one of the following areas:

Students who meet the state eligibility criteria for one of the eleven disability areas may need extra help through special education and related services.  A child must be at least 3 years old, but not yet 21, and not yet graduated from high school. Anyone can refer a child for an evaluation but only parents can grant consent for the evaluation to happen. Parents are an integral part of the IEP process and IEP team.


Cognitive Disability

Emotional Disability

Hearing Impaired

Learning Disability

Visually Impaired

Speech/Language Disability

Orthopedically Impaired

Other Health Impaired

Significant Developmental Delay

Traumatic Brain Injury

Evaluation Process:


Parent Consent


Individual Education Program (IEP) Team Decides:

1.  Does the child have an impairment/disability?
2.  Does the child need special education services?

  • IEP team writes the educational plan together, outlining what services the child needs.

  • IEP team decides on placement (where services will happen).

  • If the parent gives consent for services, the plan is implemented.

  • IEP team reviews the plan annually.

  • IEP team re-evaluates child at least once every three years unless the parent and school agree not to.

If you have concerns about your child’s development or school progress, talk first with your child’s teacher to see what is being done or what could be done to help.
Referral forms can be downloaded HERE or picked up from any school office. You can return the completed referral form to your school office.

Wisconsin's Informational Guidebook on Dyslexia and Related Conditions

  • The Guidebook and additional details are available on DPI's Website