Instructional Materials Resources For District Staff

Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption Procedures - READ ONLY

Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption Procedures
This document delineates the selection procedures for instructional materials. It also has a rating scale to use, as well as instructional technology resource questions to determine adoptability.

Directions for Completing Software Inventory/Installation Document
If you need help completing the software document, please click here.

Software Inventory/Installation Form
This document will help staff communicate with the Information Technology Staff regarding software titles that they are anticipating having available for next school year.

Directions for Completing Textbook Inventory Document
If you need help completing the textbook document, please click here.

Textbook Inventory Document
This document will help staff maintain records of the textbook titles that they currently are using as part of their curriculum and their condition.

Software "Standard Equipment" List ("Do not add list")
This document lists the software that you do not have to include on your software inventory/installation form. These software titles are considered "standard" for all district computers.

Link to the MS Bullying Survey

Link to the HS Bullying Survey

Professional Development Plan Resources For Mentors And Initial Educators

Initial Educator PDP Toolkit
Resource for Initial Educators looking to develop a PDP goal as they work toward a professional educator license

Educator Licensing General Information 

Frequently asked questions regarding the move from an initial educator license to a professional educator license.

Applying for an Educator License

DPI Link for Initial Educators

Direct link to a DPI website with a wealth of information for initial educators