Campbellsport Local Scholarships 2020

The scholarships listed below typically do not become available until January/February sometime. As they become available, they will be re-linked.

  • Bintzler-Waehler Auxillary Scholarship
  • Bintzler-Waehler American Legion
  • Campbellsport Foundation Scholarship
  • Campbellsport Foundation Scholarship - Technical College
  • Pat and Marilyn O'Brien Agricultural Scholarship
  • Sno-Cougars Snowmobile Club
  • Jeri Boehlke Memorial Scholarship
  • Tyler Batzler Memorial Scholarship
  • Drexel Building Supply
  • Campbellsport Athletic Association Scholarship
  • Campbellsport Community Theater
  • Campbellsport Youth Wrestling Club
  • Campbellsport Firefighters Auxiliary
  • Leon G. Thull Memorial Scholarship
  • Lois Thull Memorial Scholarship
  • Lions Club Scholarship/Lion's Club Michael Haza Memorial Scholarship
  • National Exchange Bank Scholarship
  • Campbellsport Jaycees Scholarship
  • Cougar Booster Club
  • Competitive Activities Booster Club Scholarship
  •  Smith and Hatch Insurance Scholarship: applications are available in the HS Counseling Office
  • Caitlin Scannell Memorial Scholarship
  • Eden Elementary PTO Scholarship
  • Jim Vollmer Scholarship
  • Larry Martiny Scholarship
  • 2020 ASCE Scholarship
  • Campbellsport Memorial Scholarship

Fond du Lac Area Foundation Scholarships 2020

The Fond du Lac Area Foundation Scholarships are available online.

The website is: http://www.fdlareafoundation.com/scholarshipinformation.html


Please check the college that you plan on attending for scholarships, often they will have their own to offer. If you are planning on attending a school within the UW system please use the following link to check their scholarship opportunities:


Often churches, insurance companies, places of work, stores, banks, and national organizations, etc... give scholarships. Be sure to check these sources for possible money. The Counseling Department will post on an ongoing basis miscellaneous scholarships that have been sent to the school. Listen to the daily announcements. It also is advisable to periodically stop by the Counseling Department to check the scholarship section. A copy of updated available scholarships can be picked up in the Counseling Department.

Specific Post-Secondary School Related Scholarships: Colleges, Universities, and Technical Colleges often have specific scholarships that students can apply for once they have been accepted. These scholarships are often based on class rank, grade point average, community involvement, ACT scores or special talents. Take initiative and ask the admissions office about potential scholarships, they don't always put them out there for everyone unless requested.

Online Scholarship Sites: There are a lot of different scholarships applications. Here are some resources that can link you to a scholarship that you may be qualified for.

  • Fastweb - Includes more than 600,000 scholarships worth more the $1 billion. Also offers expert advice and how-to's on financial aid, scholarships, selecting a major, choosing a career, and more.
  • Edvest - Learn more about special tax deductions and financial planning for college
  • Discover Colleges - Free private college information service as well as a $2,500 private scholarship drawing
  • UW Help - One stop shopping for information on admission, financial aid, scholarships, housing, credit transfer, majors, and programs
  • Student Aid on the Web - The Internet's premiere destination for information on planning and paying for education beyond high school. Identify resources to pay for higher education.
  • Scholarships.com

WARNING: If they ask you to put money down or for social security numbers they are usually a fraud.