I want to welcome everyone to Campbellsport High School. I am honored to serve as the Principal and I look forward to getting to know the students and staff during the year. We will do whatever it takes to deliver an outstanding academic experience for all of our students and we want our students to feel comfortable being at Campbellsport HS.

The Mission of the Campbellsport School District is to develop each child into an adult who can stand confidently, participate fully, learn continually, and contribute meaningfully to our world.  We call this the Campbellsport Cougar Way.  All students will graduate "College, Career, and Life-Ready" which means they will:

  • Understand how their unique strengths and interests align to a wide variety of future opportunities.
  • Prepare and maintain a personal plan for goal attainment that provides flexibility based on individual experiences.
  • Develop a general understanding of how the problem-solving process has been applied to innovate, invent, design, and build products and systems in a variety of environments/industries.
  • Effectively be able to navigate both the world of higher education and employment to support a transition to adulthood.
  • Possess confidence in their level of mastery of the following in relation to their personal and career goals.

Our mantra is that all high school students will graduate will the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to demonstrate citizenship through good work ethic; communicating effectively; being able to analyze ideas, data, and textual evidence to draw conclusions and solve problems; collaborate with others; and demonstrate creativity through original thought.

Again, I am honored to serve as your principal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time either by email at thencsik@csd.k12.wi.us or via phone at 920-533-4811.

Go Cougars!

Todd Hencsik
High School Principal

It is now my seventh year as Associate Principal/Athletic Director in the Campbellsport School District. I look forward to making a difference in the lives of young people every single day. It could be while supervising hallways/events, visiting classrooms, or supporting athletic teams. In my capacity for the middle/high school, I look for our students to be actively engaged in both their academics and co-curricular activities. Get involved and make a difference at Campbellsport High School/Middle School. My focus and philosophy is always on Cougar P.R.I.D.E.: Communication, Physical & mental preparation, Respect, Individual responsibility, Desire to succeed, Enthusiasm. We have a great community that we all play a role in contributing to its well-being. Remember, “it takes a village…”

Tom Griesemer
High School Associate Principal / Athletic Director

I am excited to return for my third year and my first as Principal for the Campbellsport Middle School. I had previously been a passionate educator serving the city of Milwaukee for 10 years as a teacher, leader, and school administrator. My skill set and leadership approach promotes a culture of achievement, continuous improvement, and joy among the students, staff, and school community and I look forward to continuing to promote this same excitement to Campbellsport.

Kristi Bachar 

Middle School Principal