Career Inventories
  • WisCareers: An opportunity to explore ones interests, values and skills and find a career field that match. All students are logged into this service. Students can access the career planning information from any Internet location.
  • Career Key: Resources to help make career decisions
  • Career Zone Assessments: Offers personality tests, career assessments, employability, credit reports and much more.
  • Career Cruising: chs114w and cougars. Explore interests, values, skills, and find a career field that matches. You are able to create a portfolio within this program.
Occupational Information
  • Wiscareers: Explore different careers. Learn about the salary, job outlook, and need in Wisconsin
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook Created by the United States Department of Labor publication. Provides information about what workers do on the job, training/education needed, wages, employment outlook, etc...
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development: Labor market & occupational information for Wisconsin
  • America's Career Infonet: Provides an overview of todays job market including trends in wages, fastest growing occupations, educational requirements, etc.
  • O-NET Online: Search for occupations that use your skills, find related occupations, and get specific information about selected occupations
  • Wisconsin Health Careers: The latest healthcare occupations, programs & resources, as well as Wisconsin's educational institutes
  • Military Careers: Describes the different services branches. Also offers a informational section for parents, educators, and students.
    Careers in Aviation
Career Planning