Do you shop at Festival Foods or Fleet Farm? Does your family ever dine at Domino’s or Culver’s? Do you fill up your tank at the Eden Corner Market? Of course you do! And if you don’t, chances are you visit many of the other businesses that participate in the Scrip Program.

Scrip is one of the easiest Fundraisers for schools to run. This ongoing program works by offering you the chance to purchase gift cards to businesses you already visit.

How does Scrip earn money for our school? Eden Elementary purchases gift certificates, or scrip, from area retailers at a discount. Then families purchase the Scrip cards at face value. The school earns the difference. For example, Eden can purchase a $50 Scrip card from Fleet Farm for $47.50. You can pick up the Scrip card at the school office for $50. The profit of $2.50 goes to the school! That’s just one card. Imagine how much each family can contribute by using Scrip for groceries, gas, clothing, and household purchases.

School earnings can really add up. The most successful scrip schools get hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from scrip. Typical schools with modest programs can earn $3,000 to $10,000 without an undue amount of effort.

Click on the document below to view the Scrip businesses in our area. You can print the form and start using Scrip at any time!

Eden Elementary's Scrip Coordinators are Stephanie Rohlfs and Jill Mayer. The 1% Account Coordinator is Kris Goebel.

Contact information:

Stephanie Rohlf -

Jill Mayer - 960-4445 or dsmjmayer@charter.net

Kris Goebel - 907-0804 or ronkrisgoebel@hotmail.com

Print a Scrip Order Form here!