We have two official radio stations, and a television channel for announcing school closings and changes in the athletic and other events due to inclement weather or other conditions. Please do not call school to determine if school will be closing early, listen to our official radio/TV stations. Our telephone lines are used to contact the stations, other schools, our bus contractor, the highway patrol, and personnel about weather conditions, etc.

It is strongly suggested that if both parents are working and you have small children, the children should be instructed where to go in case of bad weather, changes in school schedules, or if school is dismissed early. Please do not instruct your children to telephone a certain individual(s) from school because of an early school closing unless it is an emergency. Make arrangements prior to the school year for these of occurrences. Our telephone lines are needed for the reasons stated in the above paragraph.

  • WLUK TV FOX 11 

  • WVBK 1470 AM / 92.5 FM