Pupil Nondiscrimination Self-Evaluation Report

PI 9.06, Wis. Admin. Code requires that every school district evaluate and prepare a written report on the status of nondiscrimination and equality of educational opportunity in the school district - the School District Self-Evaluation of the Status of Pupil Nondiscrimination and Equality of Educational Opportunities - at least once every five years on a schedule determined by the state superintendent. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) uses data from the evaluation reports to comply with reporting requirements under § 118.13(3)(a)(3), Wis. Stats.

Beginning in 2006, and every five years thereafter, DPI will require districts to conduct a self-evaluation regarding three data elements:

  • Methods, practices, curriculum, and materials used in ... counseling...." (PI 9.06(1)(c), Wis. Admin. Code),

  • "[T]rends and patterns in awarding scholarships and other forms of recognition and achievement provided or administered by the school district" (PI 9.06(1)(f), Wis. Admin. Code), and

  • "[P]articipation trends and patterns and school district support of athletic, extracurricular and recreational activities" (PI 9.06(1)(e), Wis. Admin. Code).

As part of the process, the District is seeking input from students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members on the three above areas. If you would like to provide input or have questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Jack Strebel, Director of Pupil Services at 920-533-1267 or

DPI Self-Evaluation Instructions for 2016-17