The Campbellsport School District values the identification and programming of gifted and talented students. Parents/guardians and teachers may refer a student for evaluation, if a child demonstrates the traits listed under “A Gifted Child…” in the following chart.

To refer a student for further evaluation, please complete the Inventory - Nomination forms. Completed nomination forms may be delivered, sent, or emailed to Bonnie Herman, Gifted and Talented Coordinator bherman@csd.k12.wi.us. Parents will be contacted for permission to assess their children. The results of the assessment are discussed at a meeting with parents/guardians and school personnel. More information about services for gifted and talented students may be obtained by contacting Mrs. Herman.

If a student is identified as gifted and talented, a Differentiated Educational Plan is developed and discussed to best meet his/her exceptional needs.

Bonnie HermanAdvanced Learners Coordinator


These traits can be used to distinguish a bright child from a gifted child.

A Bright Child…A Gifted Child…
Knows the answers.Asks the questions.
Is interested.Is highly curious.
Is attentive.Is mentally and physically involved.
Expresses good ideas.Expresses wild, silly ideas.
Works hard.Plays around, yet tests well.
Answers the questions.Discusses in detail and elaborates.
Is in the top of the group.Is beyond the group.
Listens with interest.Shows strong feelings and opinions.
Learns with ease.Already knows.
Needs 6-8 repetitions for mastery.Needs 1-2 repetitions for mastery.
Understands ideas.Constructs abstractions.
Enjoys peers.Prefers adults.
Grasps the meaning.Draws inferences.
Completes assignments.Initiates projects.
Is receptive.Is intense.
Copies accurately.Creates new designs.
Enjoys school.Enjoys learning.
Is a “technician.”Is an “inventor.”
Absorbs information.Manipulates information.
Good memorizer.Good guesser.
Prefers straightforward tasks.Thrives on complexity.
Is alert.Is keenly observant.
Is pleased with own learning.Is highly self-critical.