Shanda Cerny, Campbellsport Elementary School PrincipalWelcome!

It is with great pleasure and eagerness that I welcome you to Campbellsport Elementary School. As the principal of Campbellsport Elementary School, I will work to promote the programs, initiatives, and curriculum that will maximize student learning. The opportunities I have had over the past several years have allowed me to develop strong communication, and interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills, which will allow me create a supportive learning environment and reinforce the school’s standards, policies, and goals set forth by the Campbellsport School District.

It is my philosophy that all students can learn when given a positive learning environment that welcomes exploration and enhances student confidence. Over the years, I have developed as a professional, and constantly learn from my experience. I strive to lead by example and be a motivational source for my students and team members. I look forward to establishing a school culture and educational program conducive to student learning. I will promote staff professional growth and development, as well as, teamwork and cooperation, in order to build a strong learning community for our students and a school that our community can be proud to call their own. As we strive to create a safe and respectful school community where collaboration and professionalism promote the development of an inquisitive student body engaged in a challenging, dynamic curriculum enhanced by meaningful technology, this vision of the school district will develop the driving forces for the key to the success of our school.

As one journeys through their educational career, it is our job as educators to do whatever we can to make an impact on our students’ lives in order to develop them into the best person they can be. I want each and every student to be successful, including parental involvement in the school, a community partnership, and a clear vision that strives for success. I look forward to working with all of you and welcome the opportunity to meet with anyone in order to make our school an even better place to be. I welcome any questions or concerns you may have and invite you to embark on my journey to build the best school that we can. In order to accomplish this, we need to all work together proactively and never lose sight of the mission and vision of our school, which is to educate our students to the highest level of achievement possible.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Campbellsport Elementary School.

Shanda R. Cerny
Principal, Campbellsport Elementary School