January Tracking

Campbellsport Parents and Students:                   January 19 

This is your weekly note on the status of school for the week of January 25 -29. At Eden and Campbellsport Elementary along with the Middle School we will continue with face to face instruction. At the High School we will be remaining in the Cohort for one last week. Cohort A will be in attendance Monday and Tuesday and while Cohort B is here Thursday and Friday.

The School Board on Monday evening voted to have the High School move away from the Cohort Model as of Monday February 1st and return to face to face instruction, with all students present everyday per the school calendar. The ‘Virtual’ option will remain available for the families who prefer that choice. Although the details of how this will be formulated is still being worked out, Mr. O’Connor (HS Principal) will be communicating more to you next week. Besides having occasional weather related closures and the possibility of quarantine issues, we look forward to the school year moving ahead.

Let me share with you the data from the County Health Department this week concerning the virus in the overall school district. As of today over the last two weeks there were sixty-eight (68) persons in the general public who tested positive including four (4) under the age of 18. In school we have ten (10) students and three (3) staff members impacted by being quarantined or testing positive. 

Please help us to keep our students and staff in school by keeping them home if they are sick. We all are hopeful that we can move ahead to a more traditional school day. 


Paul A. Amundson

District Administrator