April 2, 2020

Campbellsport Parents:

We are entering the third week of the closure of Campbellsport Schools as are all schools in Wisconsin. Although the initial Executive Order from Governor Evers mentioned April 6 as a potential ending date, his Safer at Home order extended the school closures until ‘April 24th or until a superseding order is issued.’ So the Campbellsport Schools will remain closed.

We will continue to prepare bag lunches and breakfasts for any student enrolled in Campbellsport District schools and education opportunities through virtual or traditional means as we have been doing. Next week was scheduled as a short week (Mon - Wed) on the original school calendar but we are using it as ‘ease back’ days from the regular flow of student work. This seam will also be used as a period of reassessing by staff of the procedures we have been using throughout the District during this long-term crisis.

Please Continue to Be Safe and Take Care,

Paul A. Amundson

District Administrator