Series 800: School / Community Relations

811 Community Engagement
821.4 Web Page Management
823 Access to Public Records
823R General Procedures for Handling Public Record Requests
8223E Public Records Notice and Fee Schedule
830 Use of School Facilities and Grounds
830R Guidelines for Use of School Facilities and Grounds
830E (1) Facilities Use Application
830E (2) Use of School Facilities Fee Schedule
831 Tobacco Use on School Premises
832 Weapons on School Premises
840 Public Gifts to the Schools
841 Student Memorials
851 Advertising in the Schools
852 Distribution of Materials on School Premises
852E Request for Permission to Distribute Flyers
860 Visitors to the Schools
870 Public Complaints
871 Public Complaints about Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials
871 R Procedure for Handling Objections to Selected Textbooks or Other Instructional Materials
871 E Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
872 Public Complaints about Personnel
881.1 Relations with School Support Organizations/Booster Clubs
881.1R Parent/Citizen/Organization/Booster Club Relations and Information Guidelines
881.1E Parent/Citizen/Organization/Booster Club Guidelines and Acknowledgement Form
882 Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
883 Relations with the Fire Department
884 Relations with Health Authorities
891.1 Cooperative Educational Programs
892.1 Student Teaching and Internships
893 Relations with Educational Researchers
893R Guidelines for Research and Service Projects
Last Updated: 4/19/16