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Garden Project Overview and Goals

Our primary goal is the increase students' understanding of and respect for the natural world and their place withing it through the investigative and nurturing act of gardening. Our long term goal is to develop a sustainable, organically growing organization that will, in turn, nurture and direct the growth of a garden project at Campbellsport Elementary. Our space is designed, used, maintained, and enjoyed by students with the help of teachers,m parents, and other volunteers. We hope our garden provides a positive, safe environment where the desires and creations of the students blend with and reinforces the learning goals of the school community.

   The goal of our garden will be to provide an outdoor classroom experience for students in all grades throughout the school year. Teachers will use the garden and outdoor classroom area to support curriculum in several content areas. Our plan is to create stone or paved pathways in order to make the garden accessible for all students. 

How Our Garden Began

  Our garden began in June of 2009.  Summer School 2009 students in Ms Palmer's Gardening With Kids Class worked hard at planning and planting our new school garden. The ground was broken and tilled by one of our custodian, Mr. Pat Flood. Thank you Mr. Flood! The plan for the garden was made by the students in the gardening class and they have planted a variety of smaller garden plots. Our garden plots included two perennial/butterfly gardens, an herb garden, a sunflower garden, a vegetable garden, and a combination tomato/pepper/annual flower garden.  In the vegetable garden we had  green beans, carrots, and radishes. Student chose to name our garden, The Wonder Garden.

Click Here to watch a video of your garden's development.

Our Outdoor Classroom 

Thank You to the Campbellsport Building Supply and Mr. Pollpeter for our new picnic tables. Last year the Campbellsport Building Supply generously donated lumber and Mr. Pollpeter built us three large picnic tables.  The picnic tables were used by several teacher last year for some outdoor education. We also enjoyed a few lunches at our tables and teachers throughout the school year enjoy using them for a variety of outdoor activities. Thanks again Building Supply and Mr. Pollpeter! We are very grateful!



New Raised Beds!

This year the High School FFA department installed four more raised beds in our garden. We now have 8 raised bed. Each bed includes a system for covering the bed for early planting. They are also set up for easy installation of trellis systems. Having the raised beds made planting our garden much easier and they really added to the appearance of the garden. Thank you FFA, Mr. Kramp and the high school students who put in our raised beds.




2013 Junior Gardeners

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