About Campbellsport Elementary School

Opened in 2001, Campbellsport Elementary enrolls about 460 students in 4K through 5th grade, with three sections in most grade levels. Our school is located in the Village of Campbellsport on the outskirts of the scenic Kettle Moraine State Forest. Students come from the Village of Campbellsport and towns of Ashford and Auburn. Our rural quality of life is a short commute from job centers in the Cities of West Bend, Oshkosh and even Milwaukee.

Our school’s dedicated staff of 33 teachers focus on core academic subjects, while also enriching students with weekly classes in music, art, library and physical education. Because not all learners are alike, we offer specialized programming for special education, gifted and talented, and English Language Learners. We have reading specialists in every school to support the district’s literacy program – the goal is 100% of students reading at grade level.

We have an active PTO that organizes fundraisers and family events including a carnival, school dance and family game night.

School performance data

New state-issued School Report Card: http://reportcards.dpi.wi.gov/files/reportcards/pdf/SRCDetail_Public_Campbellsport_El_2011-12_000907-000901.PDF

Campbellsport School District state performance report: http://www.csd.k12.wi.us/schoolperfreport.cfm

Common Core standards plan for Campbellsport: http://www.csd.k12.wi.us/CSDBenchmarks.cfm

Last Updated: 3/21/16